Having Dog Problems?
Let me show you how to correct your dog's behaviour, Fast!

Having a dog is rewarding in many ways. To enable us to have a happy dog we have to train the dog right from wrong. The ideal time to do this is from puppy hood. Starting training at this age can stop lots of problems in the future. But even older dogs can be taught. Once I have shown you how to correct the unwanted behaviour your success will start from then on, because most of the problems caused directly or indirectly are our own fault.

Change your behaviour and your dog will change theirs.

Common Dog Problems

The most common dog problems:

  • Does Not sit or lie down when you ask
  • Does not come back when called
  • Constaltly pulls on the lead
  • Constantly stops and sniffs on a walk
  • Jumps on you and/or your guests
  • Is interested in everything else but you
  • Fast, Effective Solutions

    The techniques you learn will:

  • Allow you to give firm and clear instruction
  • Let your dog know what you want from them
  • Send a consistant message to your dog
  • Show them how to correctly behave
  • Easily correct wrong behavour when it starts
  • Make your dog feel confident and at ease
  • You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

    You know the old saying, “You can't teach an old dog new tricks”. Well you absolutely can.

    Don’t wait any longer. It is easier than you think. In just one or two sessions, depending on the problem, together we will completely change the way you handle and control your dog and you'll both be enjoying each other to the full.

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    A Few of Our Success Stories

    Personal recommendation is the best form of promotion so we'll let some of our happy doggie clients and their owners give their feedback:

    Success Storry - Ralph

    We saw an immediate change with some of the tips we were given... So pleased we sought help...

    Success Story - Rocky & Zephy

    I could see that this must work when I saw how calm and disciplined her own dog was...

    Success Story - Nova

    I would definitely recommend Terasa for any problems you may encounter whilst dealing with either puppy or dog... truly incredible...

    Get in Touch and Let's Start Solving Your Doggie Problems

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